Datakata Soft Launch Party

COIN Coworking Initiative 1300 Meridian St N Suite 200a, Huntsville, AL

This week we will be meeting at Lincoln Mill to check out the new office location of Datakata! Jonathan (Datakata Founder) has been a long-time supporter of Huntsville AI, so now we can return the favor. Datakata supports some of the same local hackathons and efforts as Huntsville AI, so we normally run into each […]

Stanford Alpaca Model

This week we'll be meeting virtually to talk about the Alpaca model from Stanford. Here's the description from their website: "We are releasing our findings about an instruction-following language model, dubbed Alpaca, which is fine-tuned from Meta’s LLaMA 7B model. We train the Alpaca model on 52K instruction-following demonstrations generated in the style of self-instruct using text-davinci-003. On the self-instruct […]

Intro to Genomic Data Science

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

We have a guest speaker this week! Mundy Reimer will be presenting an intro to genomics data science. He has written a few tutorials along with a collaborator for "Towards Data Science" linked below if you want to get a head start! You can either passively listen or actively join in a hands-on session with your […]

Paper Review – Generative Agents: Interactive Simulacra of Human Behavior

This week we will be talking about the paper on Generative Agents release earlier this month by Stanford and Google researchers. Generative Agents in this context are computational software agents that simulate believable human behavior. Generative agents wake up, cook breakfast, and head to work; artists paint, while authors write; they form opinions, notice each […]

AI Meets Design

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

Hello everyone, Dusk recently participated in a panel for Design Week Huntsville on the exciting convergence of AI and design. Dusk will bring insights from this panel, so join us to explore the latest developments in copyright laws, innovative AI-powered design tools, and how these advancements are revolutionizing the design process. Details: Date - 4/26/2023 Time […]

MosiacLM LLM – Apache Licensed

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

This week we'll be talking about the release of a LLM that is licensed under Apache 2.0 and available through HuggingFace. For those on the Discord channel (see below for how to join), there's been a good discussion of when (not if) the open source community or another third party would be able to match […]

Another Look at Stable Diffusion

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

The summer is here and things are beginning to heat up. CoWorking Night is also picking up a bit, with the Huntsville Python Users Group meeting in the slot after HSV.AI. We're also thinking about doing another social on July 5 for anyone that might be able to join us. This week we have Martin coming to […]

Virtual GPU Options

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

It's going to be a busy week! We're starting out on Monday 7/10/2023 at Alabama A&M giving a two hour overview of AI for a group of students. Sorry for the late notice, but we only found out on Friday. This will be in the engineering building, room 128 from 10am-noon. It's open to anyone […]

Llama.cpp for CPU Based Inference

MonkeysWrench 1317 Virginia Blvd, Huntsville, AL

Hello everyone! Thanks for hanging with us as we find a new place to meet! In case you haven't heard, CoWorking Night is not happening anymore. This leaves us looking for a place to meet, so I would love your opinion on what you would like to see. Current options: The Monkey's Wrench - Maker's […]

Running Llama and CodeLlama on a Laptop

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

Hello everyone! We're back at HudsonAlpha this week to finish what we started with Llama and CodeLlama. Last time we covered the switch from the GGML format to the GGUF format - check the Github repo for links to all the relevant information (link below). We also talked a good bit about the quantization methods […]

Mixture of Experts: Harnessing the Hidden Architecture of GPT4

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

UPDATE - this meetup was recorded and can be watched here. There is also a transcript of the meetup provided by Huntsville AI Transcribe. We're back at HudsonAlpha this week to talk about Mixture of Experts. Josh Phillips has been working with MoE across several LLM based projects over the last few months. He will […]

Approaches for AI without Python

HudsonAlpha 601 Genome Way Northwest, Huntsville, AL

This week we are going to cover approaches to AI that do not use Python. Alex Cole had been working with other languages such as Rust and Java to see what frameworks and approaches are available. He will present a hands-on walkthrough of examples for machine learning to show how easy (or not) these approaches […]