2020 Kickoff

January 8, 2020

We had a pretty large group in attendance as we kicked off the 2020 year in Huntsville AI.

We discussed items and themes that we want to cover in the first half of 2020, and many that may run throughout the year. You can find a categorized list of topics below.


  • Hudon Alpha Tech Challenge
  • Battle Code (College Only)
  • Internal Kaggle Competition


  • Speech to Text Live Transcription
  • Production Classifier for DeerDat
  • Group Huntsville AI Project


  • Fast.ai
  • Office 365 AI Builder
  • Hot Topics
  • Lightning Talks
  • Invited Talks

Community Involvement

  • UAH ACM Chapter
  • IEEE
  • After Hours GameDev
  • Nashville Datascience Meetup
  • Quarterly Socials

Other Discussion

We talked a bit about holding meetups during the week in conjuction with our normal Wednesday night meetup. Hopefully this would help us reach those that may not know about Huntsville AI or CoWorking Night.

We discussed the administrative work needed to schedule events every week. Possibly we can create something that automatically duplates traffic between our multiple channels:

  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Meetup
  • hsv-ai.com
  • Google Group