Google Colaboratory

April 10, 2019


  1. Brainstorm Ideas for Sessions
  2. Play with Google Colaboratory

Ideas from Brainstorming

  • NLP (clustering, sentiment analysis)
  • Formulas – data science & analysis – vocabulary/lingo – numpy – feature engineering
  • Feature Engineering
  • What’s next after training a model ** Applications of using models
  • From Nick – Eureka Alert
  • Deployment (How the heck do we do this) ** Combined session with CloudComputing Hexagon folks ** Framework – how to put AI into HaftaHave
  • Matlab Octave Learning (Ben – Gary)
  • Data Analysis of CoWorkingNight Data
  • BotOrNot for Instagram
  • Getting Started with Python – (Phil) ** Bring a machine – install Python on it ** Next session – Jupyter Notebooks ** Deploy python application with Flask
  • Getting Started with R (Jonathan)From the Mailing List:
  • Software Bots
  • Azure Notebooks for AI/ML

Interesting Data Sources for Projects

  • Twitter Data
  • Instagram Data
  • Facebook API
  • Web Scraping/Crawling
  • Where to get image data
  • Graingers Parts
  • Kaggle
  • Need CoWorkingNight check-in, session schedules, weather data

Notes for Google Colaboratory

Click the GITHUB tab for new notebook and enter in the text box.

Click the magnifying glass to search the repository.

From the dropdown list of repositories, select bug-analysis.

Select Topic_Modeling_LDA.ipynb