Huntsville AI Goes to College

February 11, 2020

The Huntsville AI group gave a presentation on AI/ML at the University of Alambama Huntsville ACM chapter meetup. Here are the notes from the meeting:

Huntsville AI Goes to College

Welcome to Huntsville AI!

Brief Intro

What we do at Huntsville AI:

  • Application – how to solve a problem with a technology
  • Theory – for those times when knowing “How” something works is necessary
  • Social / Ethics – Human / AI interaction
  • Brainstorming – new uses for existing solutions
  • Hands on Code – for those times when you just have to run something for yourself
  • Coworking Night – maybe have combined sessions with other groups to discuss application in their focus areas
  • Community – get to know others in the field. Provide talks like this one and support local tech events (HATCH, SpaceApps)

About me

J. Langley

Chief Technical Officer at CohesionForce, Inc.

Founder of Session Board & Huntsville AI

Involved in Open Source (Eclipse & Apache Foundations)

Started playing with AI about 15 years ago when Intelligent Agents were all the rage.

Developed a Naive Bayes approach for text classification, a Neural Network for audio classification, heavily into NLP.

Back to why we’re here:

Links for previous sessions:

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