• Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • AI Breakthroughs in Video
    Transcription provided by Huntsville AI Transcribe All right. So what we’re talking about today, I’m actually going to walk through this backward. Because initially, I think it was mad if you’re actually, if you’re not on our discord channel, the bottom of this email that you probably got has a link where you cannot play… Read more: AI Breakthroughs in Video
  • AI Challenges and Competitions
    Transcription provided by Huntsville AI Transcribe Alright, so what we’re going to talk about the theme for tonight, we’ll cover some of the other pieces, probably stop recording before we jump into some of that. So that when we first started, the main challenge kind of site out there for competition through machine learning, mostly… Read more: AI Challenges and Competitions
  • AI without Python?
    Transcription provided by Huntsville AI Transcribe So let’s jump right into it. So welcome Alex, talking about data science outside of Python. Hi, so I’ll front here. So a lot of the stems out of, I do a lot of data aggregation work at Northrop and Northrop has kind of completed all the private packages.… Read more: AI without Python?
  • Mixture of Experts: Harnessing the Hidden Architecture of GPT4
    Transcription provided by Huntsville AI Transcribe Yeah, sure. That’s fine. Yep. No worries. Yeah, actually I’m going to copy before I post new things. That’s like, you know, okay. All right. Thank you. Thank you for your recording. So let’s go back over here. All right. So while we’re around, I kind of got a… Read more: Mixture of Experts: Harnessing the Hidden Architecture of GPT4
  • AI Hackathon Starter Kit
    Transcript generated by So one of the other things we do as part of Huntsville AI is we make sure that when we talk about stuff, especially in our weekly meetups and stuff, we try to make sure everything is as public as it can be. We really don’t like people coming and giving… Read more: AI Hackathon Starter Kit
  • Fun with AWS Fargate
    I was finally able to get the Streamlit app for the transcription approach to work with AWS Fargate. It was a LOT more complicated than I initially expected. It all makes sense now that I know how it works, but putting all the pieces together was tricky. Hopefully I can get the rest of the… Read more: Fun with AWS Fargate
  • MLOps with AWS Lambda
    At this meetup we walked through an exercise to try and put the speech to text application into a docker container and attach it to an AWS Lambda function that runs automatically when we add a video or audio to an S3 bucket.  In addition to the speech to text model, I’ve been working with… Read more: MLOps with AWS Lambda
  • Speech to Text with Hugging Face Wav2Vec
    This meetup covered an approach for using Hugging Face transformers to convert audio files to text transcriptions. We also went through an approach using DeepSpeech, but did not see any reasonable improvement in the transcript.
  • Fine-tuning DistilGPT2 and Generating Text
    We have some really exciting stuff to cover this week! Even folks that aren’t into the in-depth side of AI should be interested to see how well this can be used to create text from a simple prompt. We will cover the process used to train this model using a collection of SBIR topics, using… Read more: Fine-tuning DistilGPT2 and Generating Text